Downtown Social District

Kalamazoo is now home to the Downtown Social District and within it the Central Commons Refreshment Area. You can grab a drink from a participating business and enjoy it while you stroll and shop through downtown.

In September 2020, the Central Commons Refreshment Area was established in downtown Kalamazoo to promote outdoor business and recreation.

Within the refreshment area, patrons of participating establishments may carry an alcoholic beverage up to 16 ounces in a designated container.

Central Commons Refreshment Area Map

Participating Locations

The City of Kalamazoo and Michigan Liquor Control Commission have approved the following establishments to serve the Refreshment Areas, as of December 2020:

Several Downtown establishments are currently moving through the permit process, this list will be updated as businesses are approved, so make sure to check back for the most up-to-date list!

Social District FAQ

Before you head downtown to enjoy the Central Commons Refreshment Area, make sure to check out our list of frequently asked questions.

Business Resources

Eligible businesses within the Central Commons Refreshment Area that are interested in participating should follow the steps below:

    1. 1. Complete Page 1 of the Social District Permit Application.
    1. 2. Submit the application to the Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership, who will send the application to the City to be completed.
    1. 3. When you receive the completed application, submit the ‘Social District Permit Application’ AND the ‘Local Governmental Unit Approval For Social District Permit’ to MLCC
  1. 4. Let the Partnership know once you receive notice back from MLCC to arrange for delivery of Commons Area materials (cups, etc.)