How We’re Built

We believe the greatness of a community stems from the compassion and actions of its members. The commitment countless individuals have made toward improving downtown Kalamazoo is what ultimately drives the work we do.

The Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization built by the people of Kalamazoo for the betterment of downtown Kalamazoo. We’re supported by three boards and four Citizen Coalitions.

Our role is to facilitate the ongoing collaboration between downtown’s development entities in order to drive the collective group’s mission forward. The Partnership and our Board are the coordinating body for downtown programs, services, and initiatives on behalf of DEGA, DDA, and DTI. The Citizen Coalitions include diverse representatives within our community that help us identify our priorities and how the Partnership carries out this work. To us, Partnership is more than a name – it’s how we work together to develop a beautiful, welcoming downtown community.

Our Work

At the Partnership, we take pride in helping downtown Kalamazoo become even more outstanding. This means more than initiating developments; it means deepening our relationships with the people and businesses within the city. It means basing every action on a foundation of honesty and transparency. And it means creating an inclusive, welcoming environment within our community. This process takes time and thoughtful strategy that looks decades into the future.

Our goal is to do good, impactful work – work that is informed by our community and supports what our community needs. Not just for the advancement of downtown, but for the benefit of everyone who visits, works, and lives here.

Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2019

The Partnership Team

David Ullrey

Director of Finance

David manages all accounting for the Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership and its affiliate organizations, including the Downtown Economic Growth Authority (DEGA), Downtown Development Authority (DDA), and Downtown Tomorrow Incorporated (DTI). With an extensive background working with nonprofit organizations, David is focused on helping the organization achieve its financial goals. David enjoys the variety of events and festivals that downtown Kalamazoo offers as well as the diverse selection of restaurants, bars, and breweries.

Allyson Dykstra headshot

Allyson Dykstra

Programs and Place Manager

Allyson serves as the Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership’s point person for external inquiries relating to outdoor spaces and internal programs such the Central Commons Refreshment Area and Downtown Dollars. She has a passion for activations and loves interacting with small businesses, assisting with events, and seeing Downtown Kalamazoo partners work together to keep downtown thriving. 

Career Opportunities

Interested in joining the KDP team and driving Downtown Kalamazoo forward? We’d love to have you! Check out our LinkedIn page where we post all open career opportunities.

It Takes A Community

Ready to step up and help keep your downtown beautiful? There’s countless ways you can volunteer—from cleaning up trash to helping staff official Partnership events.

Whether you’re volunteering for school credit or simply to have fun, come join us in making downtown Kalamazoo beautiful.

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