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The sounds of a blues player fill the early evening air, mingling with the scents of restaurants catering to an eclectic parade of patrons, young and old. Here in a district known for its turn-of-the-century architecture, you can see, hear, and smell how some enterprising merchants have taken our heritage and given it new life. Once the site of Kalamazoo's first hotel and hay auction, it now boasts some of the many of Central City's most popular restaurant and nightlife establishment locations.

Mornings here in Haymarket are busy with the bustle of business people moving from appointment to appointment. Delivery trucks come and go. The ritual of washing down the sidewalks outside one of Kalamazoo's oldest buildings is repeated on a daily basis. Any hour of the day, you'll find routine reminders that this is still, in many ways, the city's center of commerce. The rest of the time it does what it has always done so well. Adapt to the times without losing its charm.

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