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bronson park

Bronson Park

In every city there is a place that houses the memories of generations. It's true of the Bronson Park District, with Bronson Park at its center.

Talk to real locals. Over and over, you'll hear stories of summer days spent playing tag in and around the park. Of summer concerts and Candy Cane Lane during the holidays. Of New Year's Fests and art fairs. Some will also tell you how a proud park, surrounded by neighboring churches, the county courthouse, public library, and civic theatre, stood strong as a deadly tornado swept through downtown. And cut a wicked path through the park. You wouldn't know it today when you see a new band shell in the park, and the beautiful new Kalamazoo Institute of Arts building one street over. Woven in and out of the district's grid of streets are clusters of residential, commercial, and civic activity.

It's where the district's namesake and city founder, Titus Bronson, spent his first night, where Abraham Lincoln once spoke, and people of all persuasions have come to air out their viewpoints. It's a place that could tell so much, if only it could talk. Then again, it wouldn't hurt to ask and see if you get an answer.

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