Kaleidoscope Fashion Show

The Western Michigan University Merchandising Opportunities and Design Association is WMU’s only fashion organization on campus. Every year we produce a fashion show to give fashion students a chance to show off their talents in design, modeling, and styling. We also give student-run small businesses an opportunity to feature their brand. This show is all about showcasing the talent that exists at Western Michigan University and giving students an opportunity to showcase their skills to the community. Last year the pandemic forced our organization to cancel our annual fashion show leaving many students unable to demonstrate all their hard-work and designs. It is no secret that students have been severely impacted by the pandemic and struggling job market. Our organization was determined to make a show happen this year. We are excited to give a platform to honor and highlight the students that worked countless hours over the past semester, designing and organizing this show. We appreciate the support of our WMU community and are excited for everyone to see what we have planned!

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