The Coalition for People works together with local organizations to engage the diverse community that makes up downtown Kalamazoo. We work on increasing inclusivity, getting feedback from local residents, and discovering new and better ways to make downtown welcoming for everyone.

What we’re doing

  • Advocating for more inclusive programs, events, and initiatives
  • Developing a community perception survey to better assess the impact of our work


The Coalition for Place focuses on continuously developing downtown into an inviting place that everyone can enjoy. We don’t only work on building a beautiful environment, we also work on developing public infrastructure, such as sidewalks, street lighting, and maps of downtown. This makes it easier for everyone to get around downtown safely and keeps our community connected.

What we’re doing

  • Reimagining possibilities for Arcadia Creek Festival Place
  • Activating more downtown alleyways like Bates Alley
  • Improving pedestrian safety at key intersections downtown


The Coalition for Growth supports entrepreneurship and investment downtown, working to create a place where businesses of all sizes can launch and thrive. We actively support new businesses, help attract new businesses, and guide start-ups. We also work closely with the downtown community’s anchor institutions to continuously develop and grow the downtown economy.

What we’re doing

  • Developing strategies to support growth of the downtown economy in areas of residence, retail, hospitality, and office space
  • Leveraging key resources and innovative technology to highlight relevant market data for downtown
  • Developing an incentive toolbox targeted at business attraction and retention, with specific resources for minority- and women-owned businesses


The Coalition for Experience works to curate downtown Kalamazoo into an engaging social space. We brainstorm ideas for events, programs, and public art—including murals and sculpture—with the goal to draw people into downtown. We also work to promote downtown and its businesses with creative marketing ideas that showcase the unique beauty and diversity of the community.

What we’re doing

  • Enhancing the vibrancy of downtown through four seasons of active programming and events
  • Brainstorming creative ways to market and promote downtown, local businesses, and events
  • Launching a public art initiative to bring visitors downtown

Coalition Members

We are proud to have a diverse group of community members supporting our mission. View the members of the Citizen Coalitions here.