Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership Board


Focused effort requires leadership and broad community engagement and collaboration. The Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership Board brings together influential leadership throughout the city, representation from all its taxing authorities and fiduciary boards, as well as leaders from each of the downtown Kalamazoo Citizen Coalitions.

The Board provides oversight on the Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership budget and all service agreements between the Partnership and DDA, DEGA, and DTI. They are instrumental in coordinating efforts between all of these affiliated entities and keeping a pulse on what the community needs alongside the Citizen Coalitions. To that end, all work is both informed by the community and in support of the community.

Board of Directors

  • Derek Nofz, Chairperson

    Consumers Energy

  • Jim Escamilla

    Byce & Associates

  • Jamauri Bogan

    Bogan Developments

  • Bobby Hopewell


  • Jane Ghosh

    Discover Kalamazoo

  • Jim Ritsema

    City of Kalamazoo

  • Sean McBride


  • L. Marshall Washington

    Kalamazoo Valley Community College

  • Nnamdi Dike

    Kalamazoo Public Library

  • Margaret Patton

    Community Relations Specialist

  • Greg Dobson


  • Beth McCann

    Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Services

  • Andy Wenzel


  • Bjorn Green

    Tower Pinkster

  • Greg Milliken

    Bronson Healthcare