"Downtown Kalamazoo" - mention that and visitors and residents might think of a three-block area called the Kalamazoo Mall. And, because we were the first city in the nation to create a pedestrian mall, we were known for decades as The Mall City.

It's a name that doesn't begin to describe what we've become. Matter of fact, our city is made up of six remarkable and distinctive districts. Each one presents a different way to look at downtown. Each one has a personality all its own. But all of them together make for one growing, diverse, central business district. Central City. Kalamazoo's Downtown. Six districts. Six ways to look at Central City. The districts have certain mixes of arts and entertainment, dining and nightlife, retail and business services. Keep in mind that the whole of Central City can only be appreciated by looking at its parts. Find the time to visit each one. Or take them in a little at a time. The experience will give you a brand new way to look at Kalamazoo's downtown. You can view, download and print the Disctricts Map here. 

Explore all the districts of Central City with the links below: 

Kalamazoo Mall
South Town
Bronson Park
East End