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400 Free 90-Minute On-Street Parking Spaces!

All ramps and Lot 9 currently accepts debit/credit card payments. We hope to provide this service in all our ramps and lots in the future. 

Several programs have been developed through the Parking Committee's Five Year Parking Plan to make parking downtown for businesses and customers an easy, pleasant and cost-effective experience:

Customer Assistance - Lock-out service, escort service and jump starts are available Monday - Thursday from 7:30 am - 12 am, Fridays from 7:30 am - 1 am and Saturdays from 10 am - 1 am.  Note that on Saturdays, you must make contact with a ramp / lot attendant for this assistance.  At all other times, call Central City Parking at 342-6383 for assistance.

Early Bird Discount
 - Provides for a discounted parking rate for those entering a participating parking facility before 9:30 am and park their vehicles at the rooftop level.  A daily coupon can be purchased for $3.75 per day, or coupons can be purchased in books of 20 for $75.00.  More details on Early Bird parking are available for Ramp #2 (Epic).

Evening Special Event Program
 - Provides businesses with a discounted rate for evening events of 50 people or more who will be entering our attended facilities before 5:00pm and leaving after 5:00pm.  This program is designed to discount the cost of parking for large events that overlap the daily and evening rates.  Currently our attended facility rates are $1.50 for the first hour and $0.85 for every half hour thereafter with a maximum rate of $9.75 if you enter the facility before 5:00pm.  If you enter the facility after 5:00pm the rates are the same with a maximum rate of $4.00 for the evening.
Jury Service - To recognize the importance of Jury Service, Central City Parking has a discounted daily rate for those serving on a jury downtown.  The daily rate for jurists is $3.65.
Meter Cards - this plastic meter debit card can be acquired at the Central City Parking office.  The cost is a $7 deposit and the card can store up to $50, which is good at any individual downtown parking meter. Parking meters are free after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends. 
Online Payment - Monthly parking permits and parking violations can be paid from any place with internet access. 

Parking Validation
- This program allows businesses to pay for their customer's parking.  Over 80 businesses currently validate parking for their customers; For a current list of businesses that validate, visit the Parking Validation page.  Program Members can validate parking for 67% of the regular hourly rate charged in Central City Parking’s attended facilities, including:

  • Epic Center Ramp located on South and Henrietta Street.
  • Arcadia Ramp located on Rose and Eleanor Street.
  • Kalamazoo Mall Ramp on Portage Street.
  • Lot 9 located on Water and Edwards Street.
There are two methods for validating parking:
  • Parking Stamps: Postage size one hour stamps are sold in books of 100 for $100.00 per book and ½ hour stamps for $57.00 per book.  Books can be ordered 24 hours in advance and purchased as needed.  Stamps can then be used in 1 hour and ½ hour increments.
  • Rubber Ink Stamps: numbered rubber ink stamp are available on a limited basis and can be used to stamp the back of a ramp or lot ticket.  The first stamp on a ticket is worth one hour of validated parking and every stamp thereafter is worth ½ hour of validated parking.  Central City Parking will tally the number of times your stamp appears on collected ramp and lot tickets.  Your business will be invoiced monthly and a $5.00 service charge for accounting will be included on your bill.

Part-Time Employee Discount - Downtown businesses and employees may purchase parking stamps for employee parking at a discounted rate.

  • $2.00 per day or sheets of 10 for $20.00 plus a one-time purchase of a window stamp for $1.00.  The program is good in the Epic Center Ramp #2, the Kalamazoo Mall Ramp #3 and the Arcadia Ramp #4 for a maximum of 6 hours of rooftop parking with no other restrictions.
  • $4.25 per day or sheets of 10 for $42.50 plus a one-time purchase of a window stamp for $1.00.  The program is good in the Epic Center Ramp #2, the Kalamazoo Mall Ramp #3 and the Arcadia Ramp #4 for all day rooftop parking with no other restrictions.
Employer Sponsored Employee Parking Program (6 Hours or Full Day)
Employee Parking Program
All of these programs require employer participation; no stickers can be purchased directly by the employee.

To get started with any of these programs, please contact Central City Parking at 269.342.6383.