Kalmazoo’s Five-Year Transportation, Parking & Mobility Plan Released for Review and Feedback

Kalamazoo’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and Downtown Kalamazoo’s Transportation Parking and Mobility (TPM) Committee have released a draft of the Five-Year TPM Plan for Downtown Kalamazoo. The draft plan highlights the efforts being made and changes proposed to create a sustainable parking system, enhance mobility, streamline communication, and promote green transportation initiatives.

“Over the course of the last 18 months the TPM Committee, with input from the DDA and other downtown organizations has come up with a plan that will provide the basis for a path that will provide benefits to all for years to come,” said Steve Deisler, Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority. “The plan recommends some bold changes to downtown parking including a variety of proposed transportation and mobility strategies.”

According to the Parking Conditions Assessment conducted by Downtown Parking Solution’s President Jon Seybold, the DDA parking consultant, “if Kalamazoo stays the course, the basis for future improvements will no longer be sustainable.” To achieve lasting sustainability, Kalamazoo’s parking system will require capital repairs, operational improvements and new technology. It’s a phased-in financial strategy to address these significant budgetary needs.

The draft plan, that includes changes like easy customer pay stations, alternating rate adjustments, cost sharing, a bike sharing program, and a shuttle bus loop, is designed to reduce costs and increase revenue to offset capital maintenance needs eliminating the need to rely largely on the DDA’s tax incremental funding and the City’s general tax dollars.

Five-Year-TPM-Plan-2016-through-2020-Final-Version.pdf* Updated 6/27/2016

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