For the Occupancy Study, Downtown Kalamazoo Inc. contacts building owners and brokers to determine the occupancy rate based on square footage of office, retail and residential space.  The study is done during the summer months.  It does not include institutional, undeveloped or Pfizer/MPI properties.  Otherwise, it includes both owner-occupied and for-lease space.

In 2013, there was a total of 3,464,269 square feet of space in dowtown Kalamazoo.  Retail accounts for 26%, office 57%, and residential 17%.

  # Buildings Total Space Vacant Space Vacancy
Retail 118 884,298 62,087 7.0%
Office 100 1,983,612 380,592 19.2%
Residential 39 596,359 14,844 2.5%


The Occupancy Report is available to download and print.