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Friday, November 17, 2017
  • Friday, November 17, 2017
    • Beginning on November 3, we will screen three new Indie films: LUCKY, HUMAN FLOW and 78/52: HITCHCOCK’S SHOWER SCENE.

      HUMAN FLOW was filmed by the Chinese artist/activist Ai Weiwei and follows a chain of urgent human stories that stretches across the globe in multiple countries.  It stands as a witness to its’ subjects and their desperate search for safety, shelter and justice.  This visceral work of cinema is a testament to the unassailable human spirit and poses one of the questions that will define this century: Will our global society emerge from fear, isolation, and self-interest and choose a path of openness, freedom, and respect for humanity?


      By: Ken Ludwig
      Danger and hilarity are non-stop in this glittering holiday-whodunit! It is December 1936 and Broadway star, William Gillette, is admired by the world for his leading role in the play, Sherlock Holmes.  He has invited his cast-members to his Connecticut castle for a weekend of revelry. But when one of the guests is stabbed to death, the festivities in this isolated house of tricks and mirrors quickly turn dangerous. Then it’s up to Gillette himself, as he assumes the persona of his beloved Holmes, to track down the killer before the next victim appears. THE GAME'S AFOOT is a wild and murderously funny tale - a perfect gift for the holidays!
      Shaw Theatre located in the Gilmore Theatre Complex on WMU’s campus
      $20 – Standard; $18 – Senior; $10 - Student
      November 10 – 19
      November 10, 11: 7:30 pm
      November 16, 17, 18: 7:30 pm
      November 19: 2:00pm
    • The Weavers Guild of Kalamzoo began in 1968 and today we have over 100 members active in different fiber related activities from all over Southwwest Michigan.  We meet monthly at the Portage Senior Center to share our common interests.  We often have people come to share their knowldge and inspire us.  We also have workshops to learn new techniques.  The guild has small study groups that meet in member's homes to explore techniques of interest to them.  The Guild has a large library and some rental equipment members can use.  Once a year there is a sale featuring the members of the Weavers Guild of Kalamazoo.  This allows the community to see what we are doing. We have weaving and spinning demonstrations daily and members are availasble to answer questions.  Admission is free and handicap accessible.. You can find additional information on the weaversguild of website, facebook or you can contact me, JudiSouthwell, or at 269 375 1375

    • Wellspring Cori Terry & Dancers is excited to announce the dates for their 37th season: Seeing/Seen
      Seeing/Seen will open with our Fall Concert of Dance beginning
      November 16th and will feature a musical collaboration with Coalescence Percussion Duo.
      Evening shows (8 pm) will be held Thursday-S