How should community members be directed if they desire to file a complaint about graffiti?

-Please inform citizens that they can either fill out a ‘Service Request’ form at CP&D located at 415 Stockbridge, download this form from the CP&D webpage ( ) or call the nuisance hotline at 337-8221.


How are graffiti complaints or observations of field personnel to be routed?

- Graffiti located on Private Property   Direct to CP&D at 337-8026 or emailed to CP&D at

- Graffiti located in the right-of-way or on Public Property

-          Sign, traffic signals, sidewalks, or other equipment in the right-of-way (owned by AT&T, Charter Communications, Consumers Energy, MDOT or Railroads) Direct to  Public Services -  Joe Stark.  Email is preferred or call 337-8436.   PLEASE note if priority removal is needed (examples: profanity, offensive or gang-related)

-          Bus shelters, bus stop signage Direct to Metro dispatch at 337-8694.

-          City Parks Direct to Parks & Rec. at 337-8191 

-           Festival Site, Downtown Mall or Arcadia Creek Linear Park Direct to DKI at 344-0795


The goal for responding and removing graffiti is three to seven days.  Obviously, private property graffiti cases will take longer as a result of giving owners the right to due process, which means providing them notice of the violations and time to remove the graffiti.