Downtown Kalamazoo Incorporated (DKI) and Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety is pleased to announce the start of its new Community Police Officer (CPO), Chris Hancox. His schedule varies, so as to be exposed to various times and days.  

This position is made possible through
 Downtown Kalamazoo Incorporated, monies allocated through the Safety Committee, which annually evaluates the effectiveness of this position. This is an annual contract with the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety. 

As a CPO, Officer Hancox is a member of the CPO unit, and can be called away on special CPO projects, just as other CPO's can be called upon the downtown area if needed.

With priorities that focus on education and crime prevention, Officer Hancox works closely with DKI staff and its Safety Commitee, to identify safety enhancement opportunities.  He is available to meet one-on-one or with groups, in staff or residential settings, to address their safety experiences and matters. 

The 2015 initiatives include: 

  • Establish relationships with service agencies in the area 


  • Maintain safe environment through prevention and education 
  • Begin discussions with City Attorney's office about City ordinances
  • Establish residential relationships

This position is not designed to be the first contact for emergency response: FOR ALL EMERGENCIES, please call 911.

To contact Officer Hancox, you may call the cell number (269) 337-8268. A reminder that he is not on duty 24/7. If your concern requires immediate attention, please call 911. 

For more information on this program and DKI's role, please call 269.344.0795.