Maximizing the use of land downtown is paramount as we undertake the implementation of the Downtown Comprehensive Plan. A significant amount of land downtown is vacant or covered by parking lots. Redeveloping this underutilized property for private housing, mixed use or parking ramps has to be one of the key objectives to increasing tax base. The Haymarket Parking Lot #9 located at E. Water St. and Edwards St. is Central City Parking’s most productive parking facility from a demand standpoint. It also offers excellent growth potential due to its central location and proximity to other recent redevelopment projects since 2000.

Redevelopment of the 2 acre parking lot for mixed use housing, retail and offices has been proposed in the past. A critical element of any plan for the site will be the incorporation of a multi-story parking ramp within the development. DKI and the city must continue to work on a strategy in partnership with a developer that supports future parking and shares the vision for this property.