As it should be, the pattern of development downtown is an eclectic mix of interrelated and mutually supportive uses unlike anything typically found in outlying areas of the city. An assortment of shops and restaurants lines busy streets, taking advantage of the high visibility and easy customer access. Offices are stacked in taller structures dotting the area. Parks and cultural amenities add to the vibrant livability of the district. Urban residents live above the shops or in nearby neighborhoods within a pleasant walk or easy bike ride to work, shop, or relax.

While Kalamazoo’s downtown is relatively small in scale, its employers, workers, visitors, and residents interact to create the vital synergy that distinguishes downtown from the suburban malls. Daytime bustles with traffic and commerce. In the evening and weekends, eateries and entertainment offerings capture the magic energy that makes city life exciting.
This variety and diversity provides a great beginning, but must be continued and expanded. 

While specific development projects will be dictated largely by market factors, Kalamazoo needs to ensure that an appropriate mix of downtown land uses is not only allowed but encouraged.