Downtown Kalamazoo is known for implementing progressive plans and development projects, including the first pedestrian mall in North America in 1959, to the opening of the Kalamazoo Center in 1974, to the Arcadia Creek/Commons redevelopment project in 1990, Project Downtown in 1998 and the 2004 Downtown Vision Plan.  Innovative ideas and effective public/private partnerships have transformed downtown Kalamazoo into a vibrant commercial, residential, cultural and governmental service center.  The 2009 Downtown Comprehensive Plan will lead growth for the next 10 to 15 years by utilizing the following planning and development strategies:
  • Adopt the Comprehensive Land Use Plan as a guide for growth.
  • Continue to review and revise the Downtown Design Guidelines with a focus on form-based codes and quality urban design strategies.
  • Implement strategies and projects that will create great streets (Michigan and Kalamazoo), parks, (Urban Nature Park) and retail districts (Kalamazoo Mall and Michigan Avenue).

Information regarding the City of Kalamazoo's planning and development efforts, including the Master Plan update, is available at