Mission Statement: To work with downtown businesses, customers, property owners, the City of Kalamazoo and Ampco System Parking, to further develop the parking system into a resource for economic development in a fiscally responsible manner. To prepare and implement a Five-Year Parking Plan that promotes improved customer service, technology and revenue enhancements.

Current Initiatives

Visit the Five Year Transportation Parking and Mobility Plan page here. 

DKI’s Parking Committee has been a very proactive downtown support organization since its inception in 1989.  Today the Parking Committee is working on the following initiatives:
  • Completeion of a variety of annual maintenance improvements to the ramps and lots to protect customer safety.
  • Upgrading technology in the Arcadia Creek Parking Ramp off of Eleanor St. as part of the Five Year Parking Plan.
  • Construction of a new crosswalk enclosure connecting the Kalamazoo Mall Ramp to the Kalamazoo city Centre.
  • Entering into a new partnership with WMU to operate a new 208 space parking lot on the former Cole/Gilmore site at Park St. and Kalamazoo Ave.
  • Work on the planning and redevelopment of the Lot #9 Haymarket Parking Lot on E. Water St. in conjunction with the renovation of the 100 Block of E. Michigan Ave. (Metropolitan Center Project)
  • Implement new plan for on-street parking and loading zones for business and customers along Farmers Alley



Jerome Kisscorni
City of Kalamazoo

Bob Lewis
Millennium Restaurant Group
Sean McBride
Metro Transit
John Schmitt
Downtown Resident / Southwest Michigan Business Development Center
Chris Shook, Chair
Jim Gilmore Enterprises
John Thingstad
Park Trades Center
Mac Waldorf
Apjohn Group
Jeff Weisman
Resource Management
Jim Woodruff
E.M. Sergeant

Ken Young
Northwestern Mutual